A Night Of Specials

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Last weekend I was in Phoenix with a friend and we stopped at Sky Harbor for a bit. It was only supposed to be a couple of hours but then we got word that the US Airways Steelers logojet was due at 2200, so we stayed longer.

The Cardinals logojet, I’ve gotten many photos of this plane, but never at night. It happened to be parked at B2, which allows for some amazing wide angle shots.

Before the Steelers jet came in, we moved to the other side to see what was around the Southwest Airlines gates. Not too bad, both Texas One and one of the Classics were there. By then, more members had congregated and were very excited to hear the news about Steelers.

Finally, the plane we had all been waiting for.

The excitement over the Steelers plane wasn’t over when the Star Alliance logojet (another East special) landed and parked next to Steelers. Unfortunately, I was fiddling with my camera and wasn’t able to get a shot before they pulled it all the way to the stop line, and the adjacent jetway blocked the landing gear. Oh well. To make it even more exciting, one of the America West retrojets pushed back, so we were treated to this awesome opportunity.

And the regulars,

Quite a bit of activity around 649

Some Southwest 737s

Definitely a fun night, unfortunately a lot of times I’m pretty tired by nightfall and I rarely stay to get this many nice photos, but last Sunday the waiting around paid itself off.


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