Jason Bong

viper-bong My love for the Aviation community has been in my blood since my first flight from KJFK to EDDF when I was 4 yrs old. That was 31 yrs ago and I remember that day like it was yesterday. I remember the Captain letting me in the cockpit of TWA 747-100 to sit in his chair and open the window so my mom could take a snapshot of me. From that moment, jet fuel was in my blood. My preference is Nikon; I know there always a open discussion about Canon vs. Nikon. I have never had the chance to shot with a Canon. I have several friends that do and they produce stunning images. So I believe it just a matter of preference.

Why are you so passionate about Spotters?”

The only way I can answer this question is friendship. The best part of spotting is my friendship with every member that we have in our group. Making sure that everything is OK with their experience with our group. We are always there for them. It might be a little as helping them with editing an image.

What was your first camera? What are you currently using now?

I am currently using the Nikon D90 with a couple different lenses. I have the Sigma 10-20mm, the 18-55 kit and my reach lens is the 70-300. I hope to soon get the D7000. My first camera was the D3000, my wife purchased for me a couple years ago. It’s not the camera that makes the photo; it’s the Photographer that makes the photo. If you have a vision, you can capture whatever you want.

Where do you see Spotters.com in Five years?”

Well when Joe Kates introduced me to Spotters.com. The vision was just to fill the site with commercial aircraft photos. I noticed that it was missing something. Spotters needed something else added to the site beside photos and a story. It needed personalization, that’s when I brought the Idea up to Joe Kates (owner) and Dave Budd (webmaster). We needed to produce a forum for members to join and share their photos of their recent spotting trip. Now 3 years later and we have 104 members that currently are members of the forums.

So to answer your question, I see us becoming one of the top spotter groups in the country. Be right next to NYCAviation.com. Phil Derner and his staff at NYCAviation is top notch. . I hope to be in that same category as them.

Can anyone join Spotters or just photographers who live in Arizona?

Great question and the simple answer is anyone can join. You can live in Egypt and we would love for you to join. The more members we have from across the Globe the better. We currently have members from several different Continents. Sure our logo and website says PHX but it also has the biggest word “Spotters” We have just now in the couple months started taking spotting trips. Our last one was to Los Angeles LAX. So how could we exclude other members from different states, if we are on their spotting grounds?

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