Stephen Furst

Stephen Furst-  Contributing Editor


Stephen Furst

I currently reside in Connecticut where I am an aerospace technical writer working primarily on Sikorsky and Pratt and Whitney maintenance manuals.  I have had a passion for photography for many years dating back to high school.  For some years I had lost touch with my camera, but picked one back up with the birth of my first child.  After  using a point and shoot for a few years of my daughters childhood I decided that it was time to grab a Digital SLR.  Making the switch to a DSLR opened me up to many of the areas of photography that I enjoy today, with my two primary areas of focus being aviation and motorsports photography.

On the weekends I can be found either shooting at one of any local short tracks within 200 miles of my house, or at any of the major airports in the Northeast United States. Once I upgraded my initial DSLR camera, it was only natural that my love for aviation came flowing back full force and paired with my love of photography.

I also enjoy traveling to take my photography on the road and often find myself flying to the Southwest US or to the nation’s heartland.

My love for aviation started when I was young and would visit my grandparents in Islip, NY.  The location of their home was directly in the final approach path of McArthur Airport in Islip, and I would get lost in watching the flow of traffic buzz over the tree tops at what seemed like only inches above my finger tips as I would reach for them.

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