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Jason’s First Video attempt

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This was Jason's first attempt of editing a video. I just wanted to make this public and tell him..good job!!Read More

Oldie ..but a Goodie!!

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I'll add one of my more popular(and one of my favorite) photos from back in the day when America West 75's carried a special scheme. I can't say much for the new special liveries painted on the 319s. Their nice..but when the 75s were painted...those were the days!!! You agree??Read More

Wonderful Aircraft Artwork

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I was cruising thru some of the modeling websites and found this guy's wonderful artwork. He happened to have a composite of the old America West "City of Phoenix" livery on N901AW. Go visit his site and check out the cool C-32A he has. More

Special schemes invade Las Vegas

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I went spotting today as the weather was just too good to pass up. A friend had asked me the other day about lighting conditions at McCarran and if the light would be good enough to shoot while he was visiting Vegas for the upcoming Aviation Nation mid-November. That got me to thinking and when I looked outside this morning...BAM it hit me. It's spotting season again here in the Western Region. Here is a just a small sample of the traffic we got today. Granted I went for only a few hours but LAS is aways rewarding us with a steady stream of special liveries. Here are just a few... Read More