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Felipe’s Post-Processing Quick/Basic Workflow

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Hello!! Today, I finally get to do something I've been wanting to do for ages: a quick post-processing workflow for aviation photos. First of all, this post isn't meant to be a 400 level course on how to Lightroom, nor Lightroom 101, and it does not cover advanced editing techniques, but, it does show a workflow that works for maybe 80-90% of my aviation photos. I am assuming that you know the basics of Lightroom, or have asked Google/Reddit/YouTube/Me. There are some advanced functions like auto renaming of images, re-numbering them, changing prefixes... I don't use any of them. All but one of my cameras have unique prefixes, so I have no need to batch rename the images to avoid filename conflicts...Read More

Chasing the Summer Charters

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748A7940_Apr10_XA-ACO   Every year, spotters around the globe wait anxiously for the summer charters, as that usually brings planes and airlines that are otherwise not common locally. This year, Columbus (CMH) won some variety: Cancun on Friday/Saturday, operated by Interjet; Punta Cana on Sunday/Monday, operated by Swift Air; and, Freeport/Grand Bahama (will begin soon), operated by Sunwing. The Cancun charters started in March, and while that's not exactly summer, by mid-March everyone in the midwest was sick of the snow and ice. Interjet has so far sent a good variety of planes, including one of the Ecojet specials. Swift Air has disappointed, since every flight has been operated by the same plane (N458UW), we will see what Sunwing sends, and we will share pictures...Read More

#KDF2015: Thunder Over Louisville 2015

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748A0613_Apr18_T7 Last weekend I had the opportunity to go photograph the Thunder Over Louisville 2015, the Kentucky Derby Festival kickoff. Yes, this sounds more like horse races, and yes, it's related. During the 2 weeks before the Kentucky Derby, there is a festival that starts with an airshow and a fireworks display, and other events follow throughout the next 2 weeks, including a steamboat race, a balloon race, a marathon and mini marathon. Unlike typical airshows, where people congregate at an airport or military base, Thunder Over Louisville is held over the Ohio River, and can be viewed from the Louisville Riverfront, and from Jeffersonville (Indiana). Pro-tip for photographers: The Indiana shore is backlit during most of the show...Read More

Throwback Thursday: Yuma Airshow 2013

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E1DS_9006_1200_94-7007   This afternoon while clearing my HDD for an upcoming shoot I realized that I never posted the photos from the Yuma and El Centro Airshows. Unfortunately they all ended up in the back burner and sat dormant in my drive for months. I decided to start a "Throwback Thursday" (#tbt, as known on social media) to share these.   So here are the photos.  

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