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El Centro Photocall Feb 2013

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Last Thursday the NAF El Centro held it’s first photocall of the year. PHX Spotters was given five spots. The Sorting Hat was quickly brought out of storage and it indicated that Felipe, Jason, Kyle, Peter Van Dyke and Jared were to go (Unfortunately, the sorting hat doesn’t always consider real life commitments, and Jared was unable to go).

The day started out circa 0730 by the world-famous hay bales, where there was some practice activity, a slow morning, however. Shortly after that, a cloud of dust behind a red SUV announced the arrival of Felipe, who was traveling separate from the group. Then the Blue Angels started their morning practice, buzzed the large crowd and allowed for plenty of pictures. After they landed, the morning fun was over.

Unfortunately, the plans to go trainspotti...

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Coolidge Feb 2013

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I finally got a chance to go to Coolidge. Between school work and a messed up sleep schedule I hadn’t had a chance to. Plenty of planes including some interesting biplanes, as well as plenty of Canadian registrations. From what I hear March is the best due to the Cactus Fly-In, which is held the same weekend in nearby Casa Grande, so warbirds go to Coolidge in the morning and then fly to Casa Grande.


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Wickenburg Fly-In and Thunderbird 150 Air Race

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Almost 2 weeks ago there was a small-ish fly-in held in Wickenburg. Even though it was small there was a fair selection of planes and classic cars, as well as several aircraft that participated in a race. Unfortunately we came in pretty late and missed the arrivals. It also served as a warm-up for Copperstate 2012

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