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Southwest Airline’s New Livery Scheme

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WN2   Canyon Blue (introduced on January 16, 2001) is synonymous with Southwest Airlines. Canyon Blue was the second iteration of the Southwest livery behind the original Desert Gold color scheme. It took nine years to have the whole fleet painted in the Canyon Blue scheme. While a striking change from the original Desert Gold coloration of the Southwest fleet, many noticed that the color would fade rather quickly. Making their planes look old and disheveled. Southwest also felt that the old color scheme was becoming dated and did not reflect their core values. In 2014 Southwest rebranded itself with its new Heart paint scheme. It was developed by firms GSD&M, Lippincott, VML, Razorfish, and Camelot Communications.1 They conducted focus groups of employees and consumers about the des...Read More


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Cargo Airlines Beef Up Operations For Peak Holiday Season By: Jared Romanowicz   download1 The Thanksgiving meal has finally digested and Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday have all come and gone.  Now it’s Santa’s time to shine, although a much different looking Santa than your children, grandchildren, or nephews may believe.  The Santa we’re talking about comes in the form of a freight pilot.  His sleigh comes in many forms, none of them running on magic or getting pulled by reindeer unless, of course, you consider the smell of burning Jet A magic and four GE CF6-80C2 engines reindeer.  The sleigh ranges in size from a Boeing 747 all the way down to a Cessna Caravan...Read More

NAF El Centro Photocall November 2014

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NAF El Centro Photocall November 2014 By : Sean Moran EL Centro 3     Its November, the holidays are right around the corner which means the sights, sounds and smells of winter, holiday gatherings, just about anything you can think of flavored in pumpkin spice and ……… fighter jets on a military base??   Yes it was that magical time of year again where some of the best photographers around the region gather at the Naval Air Facility in El Centro, California to get an amazing opportunity to photograph the Navy’s air command up close and personal. This year the event fell on Thursday the 20th and I was given the chance to attend once again and take part in some amazing photography...Read More

Avaition Nation 2014

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raptor-approaching What do you get when you combine sunshine, fast jets, ageless warbirds, and a large enthusiastic crowd?  That’s right…Aviation Nation!   The weekend of Nov 8-9, also known as the homecoming weekend for the USAF Thunderbirds aerial demonstration team, brought together many talented acts as well as over 130,000 aviation enthusiasts and curious spectators to the ramp at Nellis Air Force Base just north of Las Vegas, NV.  This is one show that PHXSpotters never misses, and we were there in full force to take in all the action. The day started off with the color guard performing the national anthem immediately culminating with the fly-over of an F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II in formation and break for landing...Read More