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American Airlines Unveils First New Look Since 1968

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American Airlines is rolling out a new look for its aircraft, marking the first fleetwide change to its aircraft exteriors since 1968.

The changes — which also includes a new company logo — bring a dramatically different look to American’s planes, which for decades have been easy to identify by their simple, classic logos and polished metal exteriors.

With all the chatting on all social media channels about how their thoughts on how bad the new livery looks. I for one am very happy with the new changes. Long live American Airlines. Keep up the good work on rebuilding a sleeping giant. Looking forward to see what other mind blowing changes you have to offer in the new future. Although if there is one thing I liked about the livery was the polished alumin. Sourses from American stated


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Air New Zealand unveils ‘Hobbit-themed’ Boeing 777

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Photo by: Keith Charlot

In the airline’s own words, Air New Zealand says that “stunning 777-300 aircraft … is set to become a flying billboard for the soon-to-be-released movie The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

“This aircraft is going to excite passengers and fans of Sir Peter Jackson’s award-winning cinema fantasies alike when it begins regular Air New Zealand services between Auckland, Los Angeles and London from this evening,” Air New Zealand CEO Rob Fyfe said after the jet was unveiled Friday afternoon. Kieth Charlot was able to grab a outstanding departure of the Boeing 777-300 from LAX.

Air New Zealand is no stranger to creating bold special liveries for their fleet...

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Aviation Nation 2012

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The much anticipated spotting weekend in Las Vegas has come and gone.  It was an amazing weekend filled with commercial spotting, military spotting, night landscape photography, and members also took part in some non-aviation related extra-curricular activities because, well it is Las Vegas you know!  All in all it was a very successful trip despite some less than perfect weather conditions.

When the sun came up on Friday morning it did not look like a promising spotting day.  It was a mostly cloudy sky, windy, and for us desert folk it was a bit chilly.  Members headed out to the Sunset Road viewing area anyways to see what we could get.  After spending an hour or so out there with the sun only peaking out occasionally, we decided to pack it up and take a long lunch break...

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