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New Bird Sighted over the New Hampshire Coast

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First Pilatus PC-24 has been delivered to PlaneSense Inc. in New Hampshire

There’s a new bird in the air over the New Hampshire Seacoast region, and soon it’ll be spreading its wings across America. The first production Pilatus PC-24 was feted at the PlaneSense® Inc. company headquarters at the Portsmouth International Airport at Pease on Thursday, February 8, 2018 after being delivered to the fractional ownership company at a ceremony at Pilatus’s Broomfield, Colorado facility the day prior. A week earlier, the jet had departed the Pilatus factory’s airport at Stans, Switzerland, bound for North America.

The first Pilatus PC-24 Super Versatile Jet

The PC-24 has been dubbed “The Super Versatile Jet” (SVJ) by the manufacturer, for good reason...

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Spotting at Portsmouth NH February 13, 2018

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There’s nothing like dusting off the camera and getting out in the New Hampshire sunshine in February to begin my aviation photography journey during the year. Although the air temperature was chilly (it never got above the freezing mark all day), the sun’s warmth was noticeable, and the three hours or so that I was watching aircraft at the Portsmouth International Airport at Pease wasn’t uncomfortable.

My interests for this trip were twofold… the desire to take better photos of PlaneSense’s new PC-24 jet in the air, and to record some Italian Air Force aircraft which were rumored to arrive around mid-day.  The winds, although light from the north, weren’t very strong and favored runway 34 when I got to the golf course parking lot, just before noontime...

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Pratt and Whitney’s 65th Anniversary Air Show – August, 1990

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The year was 1990, sixty-five years after the Pratt and Whitney company began their work on aircraft engines in East Harford, Connecticut. Frederick Rentschler and six others moved into an empty shop space in 1925, and developed the Wasp radial – an air cooled aircraft engine. This was the first in a long line of radial designs, and the company was just one of the brands that would ultimately merge to become the 1990’s United Technologies Corporation, a major Connecticut employer and world leader in aviation engine and systems manufacturing.

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The airport at the Pratt and Whitney headquarters was named after Frederick Rentschler, and served as its flagship aerodrome for many years – it was dedicated in 1931...

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