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Chicago Airport Watch

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By Scott Jankowski

If you frequent the areas around any of the Chiagoland airports, chances are you have likely seen the orange-vested enthusiasts with “ORD AIRPORT WATCH” emblazoned across their backs. Simply put, we are a group of specially trained aviation enthusiasts, over 450 strong, that are considered “authorized” to spot and photograph the activity around the Chicago Airports. I am honored to be part of this program and have been an active member for 4 years now.

The Watch Group was founded back in April, 2010 as an offshoot of the Neighborhood Watch program in the Village of Bensenville, Illinois, and is the first of its kind in the state. “Observe, Record, Report” is the official group motto, with all members receiving specialized yearly training...

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Twins Transform Boston’s International Market

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QTR A359

Boston, Massachusetts is distance-wise the closest large city between the United States and Europe.  Although the metropolitan area doesn’t have the same business density and population when compared to New York City, the largest city in New England has long had international airline service to Europe and Canada.  In the recent past, an explosion of new nonstop city-pairs have emerged for the flying public, fueled by the expanded use of the newest generation of twin-engine airliners.

With ETOPS, which originally stood for Extended Twin Engine Operations (which extended time flown over water with less than three engines) the past requirement of needing to use jets with at least three engines to take the most efficient oceanic routes between continents has been bypassed as long as the ...

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Flying To the Friendly Island of Moloka’i

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The Hawaiian island of Moloka’i is home to a pair of airports with commercial airline service. Known as the “friendly isle”, it is inhabited by close to 7,500 people and does not attract anywhere near the tourist traffic that the nearby islands of O’ahu and Maui do. Travel by sea is a limited option, so aviation plays a key role in the transportation of passengers and freight between the other Hawaiian Islands and Moloka’i.  Three airlines serve the island, and all three have different styles and levels of service. Even the two airports, both of which are owned and operated by the State of Hawaii, serve different needs of the island.


The geography of the island dictates how each airport serves different locales...

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