Barry M. Goldwater Range Visit 4-10-2012

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On April 10th 2012, PHXSpotters members got a chance to visit the Barry M. Goldwater (BMGR). Back in February we had received our conformation on our tour date. Now it was time to get our members all set up and the member count sent into Ms. Teresa Walker. We all had time to get our cameras and lens all set. We would like to thank  www.LensProtoGo.comfor there outstanding customer service. We were all holding our breath and had our fingers crossed hoping that our tour would not get cancelled. Since tours are based solely on flight schedule. Monday afternoon, I received the news that our tour had been scheduled. We were to report at Range 1 at 1230pm. On the schedule for Tuesday we were going to see the 152nd FS and the 195th FS. Both Arizona Air National Guards squadron are based out at Davis Monthon AFB. The members of PHXSpotters all met  at Gila Bend before heading out to BMGR. When we arrived at Range 1, we were greeted with open arms from the range staff. After turning in our sign paperwork, we were then escorted out to the tower . This is when we get the news from Ms. Walker. We will be getting a unexpected visitor. A couple A-10C Thunderbolts flown by the 355th Fighter Wing / 358th Fighter Squadron based out of Davis Monthon AFB will be making a appearance. When arriving to the tower we had our mandatory saftey briefing. After the briefing, we were allowed to climb the tower and get situated for the upcoming F-16C/D Block 25 Fighting Falcons. We were able to watch while the BDU-33 practice bomb impacts the ground. After the 3 rounds of dropping the BDU-33, we were able to see the F-16  popping chaff and flares on pullout after a gun run on the strafe targets at the range. After both of the Fight Squadrons were complete with their training mission. We all waited for the word when the the A-10 “Warthogs” were coming. That is when Ms. Teresa started dancing around.  A-10C Thunderbolts Driver “Range Maniac” will be here. “You guys are in for a treat”. These are much easier to photograph.  After several BDU-33 drops and low-angle strafe passes at the Barry M. Goldwater Range. I can see why they call him the “Range Maniac“.

We want to give a special thanks out to Teresa Walker- Public Affairs Specialist, 56th Range Management Office for helping us out and organizing this for Also want to thank the Pilots for putting on a great show for us.

Members that took part in Tour are:

Pete Kolb,Ken Chung, Peter Van Dyke, Jason Bong, Jared Romanowicz,Jeff Huffman, Billy Ellison,Tim LaBranche, Kyle Boyd, Kory Crohn


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