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Southern Florida Spotting Miami International El Dorado

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Title Image 0242 BY: Scott Jankowski We continue our look at Spotting locations at Southern Florida Airports in Part 3 of our series focusing on “El Dorado”. Scheduled Airline Service began in September of 1928 when Pan American Airways started service from Miami to Key West FL. In the Mid-30’s airlines started to relocate to the then known 36th Street Airport for the old airport. Eastern Airlines was the first to relocate offering flights to New York City and Atlanta. Miami played an important part in the transportation of Troops and Material during World War 2. In 1943, the U.S. Army Corps completed the adjacent Miami Army Airport creating a vital gateway to Europe and Africa.

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Image 5429 In 1945 Cubana was the first International Airline to serve Miami with flights to Ha...

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Southern Florida Spotting: Miami International North Side

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_MG_3971 (1000x499) (1) Photos and Article By Scott Jankowski KMIA (Miami International Airport) is the 11th busiest airport in the United States, the 36th in the world, and served over forty-four million passengers in 2016. The airport encompasses 3,230 acres of land and is a short six minutes from downtown Miami. From its humble beginnings in 1928, modern day Miami features four runways, six concourses, and one hundred sixty two gates. Over one hundred and nine airlines serve Miami, offering nonstop service to one hundred sixty one destinations all over the world. Miami is a major hub for American and American Eagle, they account for the majority of daily flights...Read More

Southern Florida Spotting – Fort Lauderdale International

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_MG_8861 (1000x458) SOUTHERN FLORIDA SPOTTING TITLE IMAGE 8861 By: Scott Jankowski Southern Florida is a perfect place to escape the snow and cold of the Late Midwest Winter for Sun and warmth. Southern Florida also offers up several Airports and Prime locations in which to spot from. It is for these reasons that the next 4 articles will focus on spotting locations and photography from Fort Lauderdale International (KFLL) and Miami International Airports (KMIA). This first article will focus on Fort Lauderdale, specifically the spotting location on the 7th floor of the Hibiscus Parking Garage. The Broward County Aviation Authority has even designated the West Side as an “official” spotting area and has even marked it as such. _MG_9111 (1000x592) While the focus of this article is on this location only, Fort Lauder...Read More

Since the U. S. Airline Deregulation Act of 1978, Looking back to Boston – Volume 3

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Soon after the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978 was signed, commercial flight operations (especially those of U.S. domestic airlines) began to change. New companies operating large and small airliners popped up, older, established companies went bankrupt and ceased operations, and many less profitable companies merged with others for financial considerations. The major U.S. airlines adopted the hub-and-spoke system of connecting flights, searching for a profit.

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The Boston Logan International Airport, Massachusetts' largest and busiest, bucked the trend a bit. As busy as it was, it did not become a hub for a major airline...Read More