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Spotting at Portsmouth NH February 13, 2018

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There’s nothing like dusting off the camera and getting out in the New Hampshire sunshine in February to begin my aviation photography journey during the year. Although the air temperature was chilly (it never got above the freezing mark all day), the sun’s warmth was noticeable, and the three hours or so that I was watching aircraft at the Portsmouth International Airport at Pease wasn’t uncomfortable.

My interests for this trip were twofold… the desire to take better photos of PlaneSense’s new PC-24 jet in the air, and to record some Italian Air Force aircraft which were rumored to arrive around mid-day.  The winds, although light from the north, weren’t very strong and favored runway 34 when I got to the golf course parking lot, just before noontime...

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As we begin to say goodbye to 2017, and welcome 2018, I pause to reflect on the photos and memories attached to them. This is one of my favorite times of the year, while the airshows and exercises are over it is time to pick my favorite photos from this past year. What makes a favorite photo? I am sure the answer differs for all of us, for me it is just that a “favorite”. It could be as simple as the angle or the light, it doesn’t always have to be a rare type or airline. It could be one aircraft in the shot or many different types in the shot. The Afterburners could be lit, or Beacons and Anti-Collison lights lit for that matter. It could an incredible amount of vapor during a high-g maneuver or vapor trails at altitude.

IMG_9447 (1000x788)

These are some of my favorites from airshows including Thu...

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An Hour at KBOS on the First of November 2017

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On an overcast, but mild November day, I spent an hour of so along the approach paths to runways 4L and 4R. I tried out a new spot, a bit closer to the runways’ threshold. It offers a different view of the aircraft on final… my normal spot is about half a mile further west, and better for side-on photos. Still, variety is the spice of life, and this angle was new to me. The lighting was very tricky, but the overcast negated shadows for the most part, except on the bellies.

All in all the selection of aircraft between 2PM and 3PM wasn’t bad – a mix on international and domestic arrivals. It was fun to see the enlarged use of “belly advertising”, as Delta has joined the fray with their new A-321s emblazoned with their name...

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