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Planes of Fame – High Country Fly-In 2009

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finaledit Dave Budd and I, attended the High Country Fly-In hosted by the Planes of Fame. Planes of Fame has a branch of it’s wonderful museum in Valle, Arizona. Every June they bring some of the classic warbirds they own over to Valle and they sell rides to the general public. I have photographed at the museum before but this weekend they had all the planes rolled outside. This was my chance to photograph some of the planes outside in the sunshine. Needless to say. When the P-51’s started to fly all hell broke out. They were doing 250 m.p.h. hot laps around the Valle airport. Steve Hinton Jr. was doing some of the flying as well as Steve Hinton Sr. They both took turns flying the two Mustangs they brought from Chino. On one of those laps I managed to grab this wonder shot with my prime lens...Read More

Barbie Three

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n5548n Joe and I got an eye full of this classic B-25 H while visiting Falcon Field. She has the hard nose and four .50 cals stuck in her front as well as a 37mm Cannon By late 1944, when the "H" appeared in the field, there were few targets that couldn't be attacked with .50 caliber machine guns, so the cannons were frequently removed. North American produced 1,000 B-25H's.Read More