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On Sunday November 14th 2010, crowds wait at Deer Valley Airport (KDVT) for what is to be expected of a grand arrival. At 12 o’clock sharp I can hear a child in the background “There she is daddy”.  As I  look to the south and I can see “FIFI” turning to make her final approach to 25L. The vision of this B-29 Super fortress getting larger as it gets closer and Touchdown.

Airplane enthusiasts and history buffs will want to see three famous aircraft of World War II. The only flying B-29 in the world, The B-17 Flying Fortress, and B-25 Mitchell will be on display at the Deer Valley Airport at Cutter Aviation in Phoenix Nov. 14-18.

The Commemorative Air Force will be flying the B-29 Super fortress “FIFI” from a weekend event in Long Beach, Calif...

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Coolidge Breakfest Fly-in 2010-2011 season.

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Phxspotters Jason Bong and Joe Kates attended the fly-in on October 2nd 2010. The fly-in is held on the first Saturday of every month (except June, July, August and September), Coolidge Aviation, LLC sponsors the fly-in.  Breakfast is served by the Coolidge Lion’s Club in front of the main hangar at the airport.  The event usually starts about 8:00 a.m. and ends around 12:00 p.m. This is a great spotters adventure. Photographers are allowed up close and personal with the runway. Although for safety concerns we are expected to stand 25-35 feet off the runway. Here is just a couple pictures offered by Jason Bong.

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Nazzi Hirani “A Custodian Of Aviation History”

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3-11-2010 was a sad day; we lost a great man and in his personal  words “A Custodian of  Aviation History”.  Nazzi Hirani left this world doing what he loved to do. Fly his vintage Warbird  In the skies over Arizona.  My time knowing Nazzi was short but he is a man I will never forget meeting.

I first met...

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