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El Centro Photocall 2012

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Naval Air Facility El Centro provides a great training facility to active and reserve Navy Units. Marines use the base and its surrounding ranges throughout the year as well. The surrounding desert and the climate that comes with it create a perfect location for training aircrews. Since El Centro has no assigned aircraft to their base.  This gives us photographers a variety of aircraft to obtain a photo there were T-45s, EA-6 Prowlers, F/A-18 Super and Legacy Hornets, and there was a Marine Aerial Refueler from the Transport Squadron 352 (VMGR-352) “Raiders”...

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Space shuttle Enterprise arrives at JFK

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Space Enterprise Finally Arrives at Her New Temporary Home

The wind was blowing hard out of the WNW on a blustery Friday morning in Jamaica, NY.  With the winds consistently blowing 20-25mph and gusting upwards of 30-35mph, the hundreds, or even thousands of spotters, aviation and space enthusiasts, and just regular people interested in a piece of history looked to the sky wondering if this would be the day.  This would be the day that NYC got their space shuttle.  Previously in the week the shuttle had been slated to arrive on Monday and Wednesday, but had been postponed each time due to weather.  So with strong winds at the airport, the question was still weighing on the minds of the many people that had flocked to every viewing area both around JFK and Manhattan.

Then, a friend a...

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Davis-Monthan AFB Thunder & Lightning Over Arizona Airshow

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Monthan AFB Thunder & Lightning Over Arizona Airshow 2012

Photos and Story provided by:

By Colin Prenger

                Well by now my hearing has finally come back to me. I thought I lost it thanks to six Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-229 power plants idling. That was about the only negative aspect of the airshow (aside from the major sunburn), but it was completely worth the six hour wait for the United States Air Force Thunderbird demonstration squadron to perform. But first let’s get into detail about the other goodies that the show had to offer.

                It was quite the experience just arriving at the security gate, where several armed men with intimidating automatic weapons stared you down like a tractor beam...

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