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Embry-Riddle Octoberwest 2012 Fly-In

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xe1ds_2030_1200_n68alAs part of Embry-Riddle Prescott's homecoming (OctoberWest) festivities, a fly-in was held at the Prescott Municipal Airport's flight line. The fly-in had planes that flew in for the event and some that just taxied in. The planes were pretty unique, they included a BAC Jet Provost, a Gulfstream G-IV, a Nanchang CJ-6. A nice contrast from last year's event, in which several planes were more common Cessnas, Grummans, etc. There was a very traditional pancake/waffle breakfast prepared by the local EAA chapter and a barbecue lunch prepared by the Alumni Association (I believe). The remarkable display was the Larsen Motorsports jet dragster, built by Riddle students, which completed a short run on taxiway F, however, not at full power. Oh, and that Lancair N44AZ.....Read More

Cactus Fly-In 2012

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Last Friday and Saturday the Cactus Fly-In was held in Casa Grande (CGZ). One of two fly-ins in the area that that, the other being the monthlt Coolidge Fly-In, it was packed with fun and lots of airplanes. I was able to squeeze those two events and a visit to Sky Harbor all the same day (as well as the drive to and from Prescott), mainly to see how much I could handle and also for the variety. Now, those that know me well probably have heard that I have been chasing a particular plane for almost a year now, and that was the main reason I HAD to drive down to the fly in...Read More

Pleasant Valley (P48) Backcountry Fly-In [Feb 11, 2012]

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  When I heard of this event earlier last week, I knew I had to make space for it in the calendar. I couldn't really pass up an opportunity to go to a small fly-in not too far away from me, especially after missing several Coolidge fly-ins. As I started digging through, I realized this was a pretty cool opportunity. As I found out once I got there, Pleasant Valley makes Coolidge look like Schipol. The pavement ends at the access road (at least on one of the sides). There are four runways, according to Google Maps only one of them is paved and marked. The airport is home to a gliding school that seems to be the only permanent user. A couple of Piper Pawnees and a Luscombe live there...Read More

Coolidge Fly-In October 11

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Well, this last Saturday was the first fly-in of the season. Even with the threat of bad weather, heat haze and low attendance I made the 3 hour drive just to see how it was. Yes, there was less traffic than usual, but still quite a few planes that weren't there before, including a nice looking Cessna 310R that I had seen two weeks before in Sedona. Also, fellow spotter Kyle Boyd flew a C172 from Deer Valley. And it seems like N138FF, the Hercules that sat outside the IAR hangar seems to be slowly being brought back to airworthiness, as the wings are now sitting next to the plane. Now, I do have to say, it did get pretty hot that day, mid 90s or so, but that didn't ruin the photos. Read More