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Phxspotters on the Job.

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I wanted to post random photos of pictures that I have taken since I started woring with Ever since I started taking Aviation pictures I have been getting better and better. I want to thank Photorecon and Dave budd for getting me to join. Now if only we can get all three of us in 1 spot that would be great. Jason Read More

Holiday Spotting

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I had a very nice Sunday morning spottng with a couple of friends. There was Scott our new contributing Editor and Matt who is the Co-Founder of AZAP and a personal friend Jeff who had to make like 4 barthroom breaks but its ok Jeff we understand.... Rookie. We went to several diffrent areas around KPHX and got a real nice treat when 2 McDonnell-Douglas AV-8B Harrier II Plus BuNo 165579, VMA-311 "Tomcats"

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Monsoon season in Phoenix

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The photo of the lightning over PHX was taken on August 17th, 2010 at 7:49 PM, right at the height of the monsoon storm. This was my first attempt at shooting lightning, and out of the 90 or so photos that I took from this very shot, only 2 had lightning in them whatsoever. I believe that getting a nice shot of lightning is 90% luck, and 10% skill. After all, when the lightning really strikes, your camera is either not pointed at the sky or your are in between photos.

But for this shot, I suppose I got lucky, as not only was my shutter open and was pointed in the right direction, the lightning bolt was the biggest one of the night, by far. The photo was taken at the north west corner of the Terminal 4 parking garage, 8th level...

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PhxSpotters New Contributing Photographer

By: Category: FriendsPHXUncategorized would like welcome our new Contributing Photographer Scott Mulhollan. We look forward to seeing many many more photos from Scott. Welcome to Scott Mulhollan. Scott Mulhollan is a student at the Community College of Beaver County, Pennsylvania studying Air Traffic Control. He will graduate in May of 2011 in the enroute program. Scott aspires to work at the Phoenix TRACON with the FAA. In addition to aviation, Scott also has a passion for photography. Fortunately, aviation and photography go hand and hand. He is a certified Private Pilot. Scott resides in Scottsdale, AZ, and is 19 years old. Read More