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On Sunday November 14th 2010, crowds wait at Deer Valley Airport (KDVT) for what is to be expected of a grand arrival. At 12 o’clock sharp I can hear a child in the background “There she is daddy”.  As I  look to the south and I can see “FIFI” turning to make her final approach to 25L. The vision of this B-29 Super fortress getting larger as it gets closer and Touchdown.

Airplane enthusiasts and history buffs will want to see three famous aircraft of World War II. The only flying B-29 in the world, The B-17 Flying Fortress, and B-25 Mitchell will be on display at the Deer Valley Airport at Cutter Aviation in Phoenix Nov. 14-18.

The Commemorative Air Force will be flying the B-29 Super fortress “FIFI” from a weekend event in Long Beach, Calif...

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Spirit of America Invites

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What a day Jason Bong and Ben Cowden had this past Friday out a Goodyear Airport. They both were invited to take a special ride up in the Goodyear Blimp the ” Spirit of America”. Ben was the first of the two to get to go up and then Jason went up. When I saw Ben getting out of the Blimp he was ear to ear smile. Phxspotters would like to give a special thanks to our Captain Nathan Brooks, he was outstanding host. We look forward to next year visit.

The Spirit of America was christened September 5, 2002 during a ceremony in Akron, Ohio. The name of the ship was chosen as a tribute to the patriotic spirit of the United States. Performing the christening was Mrs...

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Terminal 2 Spotting location

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I thought I had all locations locked down until Saturday driving around I look and I see a Spotter. What is that employee parking? So I turn around and only to find out that its public parking. At only $4.00 a hour for parking that is the same as the rest. There was plenty of parking to choose from. I find a location and set up my equipment I only needed my 70-3oomm vr lens but I also tried my 18-105mm and it also worked brilliantly. With the sun to my back and the departures going west bound its going to make a wonderful setting.

All departures and arrivals where using rwy26. Arrivals where also using 25R. I had a couple clouds in the sky but still the sun was a my back till 5ish till the sun went down. Here is a couple more examples of some of the Aircraft I able to capture...

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