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PhxSpotters wish to thank… Dave Budd

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From everyone at we want to thank Dave Budd for all is hard work he does for us. From the Awesome website that Phxspotters has. And not to mention he is a outstanding Photographer and teacher. Thank you Dave. Oh BTW Dave you need to make a choice Canon or Nikon. This picture was taken when at Valle, AZ for the Planes of Fame. We all had a great time.Read More

Hot Air Expeditions Invites Phx Spotters

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We want to start off by giving the staff at Hot Air Expeditions a Big Thank you for showing us a great time. Our Editor Jason Bong was invited to take a ride with this group on Tuesday. He showed up at 515am and was chauffeured to the launch site were a small percentage of there fleet was waiting for the daily flights.  Jason was paired with Patrick, who is the chief pilot of the company. Capt. Patrick showed Jason how the day to day operations of setting up the Hot Air Balloons. "These guys work harder in three hours then some people work in 8 hours." And before we knew it we loaded up our last rider and we are off.  And we have figured out to be a Chief Pilot it is a requirement to have a since of Humor. Because Capt. Patrick is a funny guy...Read More

Chino Air Show 2010

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Dave and I attened the annnaul show down at Chino the other day. The Chino Air Show 2010 went off without a hitch and it turned out to be the largest drawing air show in their history. We attended three days as 'media' and we'd like to thank Frank Marmillo for the opportunity!! This year a record-number, upwards of 40,000 attendees, enjoyed the aviation history education and inspiration provided by the show along with perfect weather! Read More

Nazzi Hirani “A Custodian Of Aviation History”

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SU SU a 3-11-2010 was a sad day; we lost a great man and in his personal  words "A Custodian of  Aviation History".  Nazzi Hirani left this world doing what he loved to do. Fly his vintage Warbird  In the skies over Arizona.  My time knowing Nazzi was short but he is a man I will never forget meeting. Read More