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Photo of the Month Winner for April!!

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Ready and Break!!

Lets give a great round of applause for this month’s winner Brandon Farris aka Seahawk7757 and his wonderful shot of the Blue Angels. His image was submitted from a airshow he attend at El Centro and few months ago. This is certainly one of the coolest shots I’ve seen. He managed to include a life sized shot of the moon too!! Way to go Brandon.

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So what’s your angle?

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About 2 years ago I picked up my first DSLR camera, and took it to one place I knew that I would get the most use and enjoyment out of it. So I hoped in my truck and headed to  Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (KPHX) and started clicking the shutter button on my Nikon D3000. There was not a care in the world about how my photos were going to turn out.  I just wanted to capture every aircraft that I saw on my camera. It was just over a year, when I decided to take my aviation photography more seriously. With the cost of gas going up, it was harder to get out to the surrounding Airports across the valley. That is when I decided to make all my photos count.  Now don’t get me wrong I still take a massive amount of photos when I go out spotting...

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End of Coolidge Fly-in Season 2011

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A few weeks ago, when I got a message from Jason telling me about the Coolidge fly-in this Saturday, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go, part of me said yes, part of me said it’s a bit of a long drive (Google said 3 hrs 20) for a morning event. Eventually I decided I was going no matter what and made sure I had Saturday free. I left for Coolidge around 5 AM (30 minutes late!) and thanks to the lack of traffic, made it to Coolidge around 7:45 (after getting slightly lost).
I had a completely different idea of the airport and the fly-in, first of all, the hangar is a massive WWII hangar that’s still mostly original, and there’s no fences. Yes, no fences...
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