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NASCAR invades Goodyear Airport

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This is a busy time for KGYR having hundreds of private planes coming in this weekend for the NASCAR races out at Phoenix International Raceway (PIR). Phxspotters was out on Friday for a majority of the arrivals. KGYR was tied with Atlanta for the best Airport when it comes to NASCAR. Read More

Spirit of America Invites

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What a day Jason Bong and Ben Cowden had this past Friday out a Goodyear Airport. They both were invited to take a special ride up in the Goodyear Blimp the " Spirit of America". Ben was the first of the two to get to go up and then Jason went up. When I saw Ben getting out of the Blimp he was ear to ear smile. Phxspotters would like to give a special thanks to our Captain Nathan Brooks, he was outstanding host. We look forward to next year visit. The Spirit of America was christened September 5, 2002 during a ceremony in Akron, Ohio. The name of the ship was chosen as a tribute to the patriotic spirit of the United States. Performing the christening was Mrs...Read More

E190 JetBlue lands at KGYR

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Jason Bong had the privilege of talking with the Honeywell crew as they get ready to depart from KGYR. The crew of Honeywell and JetBlue were not able to discuss about the configuration of the E190. But was able to did find out that it is under the experimental markings. Jason Bong was able to talk to the Operations manager out at Goodyear about the E190 and how excited the airport was about getting its first E190 to KGYR.  The JetBlue E190 will be out at KGYR for approximately 4 to 5 weeks. The Embraer 190 registration # N178JB . The E190 can hold 114 passengers and has a Maximum speed  of 890 km/h and has a Service ceiling 41,000 ft (12,500 m). JetBlue has 47 E190 and 107 on order. So if your in the the West Valley and want to see a clean aircraft stop by and see this aircraft...Read More

Welcome to the Club Gene.

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Phxspotters was out at Goodyear today and got to witness a 17 yr old take his first flight in a private airplane. All of Genes family blindfolded him and took him into the terminal and waited for the Cessna to arrive. The pilot of the Cessna was Bob May from goodyear who is also the manger of the  Control Tower out at Goodyear. They all loaded up in the Cessna 172 that is part of the Flying Ten Flying Club. I talked to Genes parents and they said theat he has wanted to be a Pilot since he was just a small child. Well Gene let us be the first to tell you Happy Birthday and we hope that all your dreams come true. We all need to remember that without young adults like you who want to go on and be a pilot the aviation community would slowly disappear.

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