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Space shuttle Enterprise arrives at JFK

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Space Enterprise Finally Arrives at Her New Temporary Home

The wind was blowing hard out of the WNW on a blustery Friday morning in Jamaica, NY.  With the winds consistently blowing 20-25mph and gusting upwards of 30-35mph, the hundreds, or even thousands of spotters, aviation and space enthusiasts, and just regular people interested in a piece of history looked to the sky wondering if this would be the day.  This would be the day that NYC got their space shuttle.  Previously in the week the shuttle had been slated to arrive on Monday and Wednesday, but had been postponed each time due to weather.  So with strong winds at the airport, the question was still weighing on the minds of the many people that had flocked to every viewing area both around JFK and Manhattan.

Then, a friend a...

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Thunder Over The Coconino 2011

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Almost 30 hours after coming back from Valle, several gigabytes and a few beers later. I have the photos ready.

The 2nd airshow in Valle in just over two months, I heard of this one from some guy in a Facebook group and did some research and it turned out it looked like I was going to make it. The reality is that as the show got closer, it started looking not good. First, Flagship Detroit cancelled, unfortunate news, but then I got word that the PB4Y Privateer was going this time (it had engine trouble in June, just as it was getting ready to head up to Valle), then, miserable weather throughout Northern Arizona threatened the show...

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High Country Warbirds Fly In 2011

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Today was the High Country Warbirds Fly-in, held at the Planes of Fame museum in Valle (40G). When I first learned of the event, I wasn’t sure if I would make it, given that this is final exams weekend; to my good luck, my final was at 8 AM, which would give me plenty of time to make the drive up to Valle to see this. So after the final, I jumped in my truck with my roommate and we headed North.

Unfortunately the main plane that made me drive over there, the white with orange and red stripes Consolidated Privateer didn’t make it to the show, it was scheduled (I didn’t know it was, but I knew it was at the Chino event last month, so I was hoping), but it suffered some failure and couldn’t go...

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