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Southwest Airline’s New Livery Scheme

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Canyon Blue (introduced on January 16, 2001) is synonymous with Southwest Airlines. Canyon Blue was the second iteration of the Southwest livery behind the original Desert Gold color scheme. It took nine years to have the whole fleet painted in the Canyon Blue scheme. While a striking change from the original Desert Gold coloration of the Southwest fleet, many noticed that the color would fade rather quickly. Making their planes look old and disheveled. Southwest also felt that the old color scheme was becoming dated and did not reflect their core values.

In 2014 Southwest rebranded itself with its new Heart paint scheme. It was developed by firms GSD&M, Lippincott, VML, Razorfish, and Camelot Communications.1 They conducted focus groups of employees and consumers about the design of th...

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Cross-Country Solar Plane Expedition

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Solar Impulse Cross Country

Mountain View (CA), 02 May 2013 – On May 3rd Solar Impulse, the Swiss solar powered airplane, will depart from San Francisco with Bertrand Piccard in the single seater cockpit, to complete the first leg of its coast-to-coast flights across the USA: first stop will be Phoenix (AZ). It is the first time that a solar airplane capable of flying day and night without fuel, will attempt to fly across America. This journey is also the occasion to launch an initiative called “Clean Generation” to gather worldwide support for the adoption of clean technologies.

Flying Coast to Coast across the United States has always been a mythical endeavor in aviation history...

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A Night Of Specials

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Last weekend I was in Phoenix with a friend and we stopped at Sky Harbor for a bit. It was only supposed to be a couple of hours but then we got word that the US Airways Steelers logojet was due at 2200, so we stayed longer.

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What is your Poison?

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I was 8 years old when I first fell in love with Jet Fuel. I remember my first experience sitting in the Captains seat of a TWA 747-100. That is the moment when I fell in love with Commercial Aviation. Please don’t misconstrued my passion for commercial aviation.  There is just something about those two Rolls-Royce RB211 engines that produce 32,700 lb pounds of thrust hurdling the Boeing 757-200 down the runway. I have a weakness for the Boeing 757. If there was one word that comes to mind when describing the 757-200 would be “Sleek”. Although I believe she looks better with winglets but any B757 will do. Although not all airlines have the B757 in their fleet. That does not mean that I only take photos of B757-200’s or -300’s. I will basically take any photo that I can get...

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