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Embry-Riddle Octoberwest 2012 Fly-In

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As part of Embry-Riddle Prescott’s homecoming (OctoberWest) festivities, a fly-in was held at the Prescott Municipal Airport’s flight line. The fly-in had planes that flew in for the event and some that just taxied in. The planes were pretty unique, they included a BAC Jet Provost, a Gulfstream G-IV, a Nanchang CJ-6. A nice contrast from last year’s event, in which several planes were more common Cessnas, Grummans, etc. There was a very traditional pancake/waffle breakfast prepared by the local EAA chapter and a barbecue lunch prepared by the Alumni Association (I believe).

The remarkable display was the Larsen Motorsports jet dragster, built by Riddle students, which completed a short run on taxiway F, however, not at full power.

Oh, and that Lancair N44AZ… it has a Mazda 20B Wankel engin...

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Gladiator Fire – Day 2

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Yesterday morning the Gladiator Fire was reported near Crown King. What started as a structure fire in private property has extended to over 1300 acres and is threatening the town of Crown King, as well as other historical sites in the area. For those that didn’t hear, Crown King was barely saved during the 2008 Lane II Fire. Crown King is currently under a mandatory evacuation.

Two airtankers, T-06 and T-07, both P2V Neptunes operated by Neptune Aviation were already  in Prescott and called to action.

Things did not start well, Tanker 6 had issues on Saturday and didn’t fly during the afternoon (I was at the airport watching them), and the local newspaper later reported the plane had a hydraulic leak in one of the engines.

Today I saw (and heard) the planes flying in all morning, an...

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Embry-Riddle Octoberwest 2011: Part 1

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The first week of October the Prescott campus of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University celebrated Octoberwest, the homecoming celebrations, usually that involves some alumni coming back, having dinner, a career expo, but I never saw something as nice as this year’s since 2008. In addition to the regular events we had 5 helicopters land on the soccer field and stay for the day, and a fly-in on Saturday. Also, N501SC, a Stemme S-10 converted to a gas/electric hybrid by  a team of students from the Daytona campus was also towed all the way here and reassembled in the parking lot for us to see.

Helicopter list

-Sikorsky UH-60A Blackhawk, AZ National Guard

-Robinson R22, Universal Helicopters

-Robinson R44, Universal

-Eurocopter EC130B4, Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters

-MD MD-900 Explorer, M...

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