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PHXSpotters visit Los Angeles (LAX)

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The spotting trip started like any other trip. An Idea, someone thought it would be a great idea for the group to head out to Los Angles (LAX) for the weekend. That is how this idea turned out to be the best spotters trip I have been involved with. We started a post in our forums and the next thing I knew there were members already announcing that they wanted to go. So let the planning begin; now it’s not the easiest thing to do. So day one, Jason Bong and Peter Van dyke and Jason Knapfel head down on Thursday morning on the first flight out to LAX. This was kind of special me since this was my first trip on a 757-200. I got to sit up front in 6C. I tried to get bumped to first class but that section was full. While boarding the Aircraft, I got to go up and talk with the flight crew...

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Kingman, AZ (KIGM) Aircraft Storage

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Kingman, AZ (KIGM) Aircraft Storage

I had a wonderful opportunity to be able to get inside the fence at the Kingman airport recently (and legally) and was able to walk some of the ramp to admire some old, and some not so old civilian aircraft in storage there.  Much like the better known Marana, AMARG, and Victorville facilities, Kingman is used as a storage location due to the good weather and low humidity.  While not as large as the other storage facilities there are still a good number of aircraft present.

The Kingman airport has long been a storage, surplus, and scrap facility.  The airport was originally built as a World War II USAAF training field and housed the Kingman Aerial Gunnery School starting in 1942...

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Hawaiian Airlines takes delivery of new Airbus 330

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On Thursday, 17 May, Hawaiian Airlines took delivery of their newest Airbus A330 in Austin, TX. The plane flew directly from the factory in France to Austin where it dropped off the CEOs of Airbus, Hawaiian Airlines, and several other airline CEOs. The plane would sit in Austin for three hours while ground crews toured the aircraft and took photos. It departed Austin and was bound for New York’s JFK where it will remain for several days. While in JFK, it was be used as a trainer for JetBlue Airways’ ground crews. Starting June 5, 2012, Hawaiian will be offering one daily flight from New York – Honolulu. The ground and airport servicing will be completed by JetBlue.

Photos and story provided by :  Tim LaBranche

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