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Coolidge: A Season In Review

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As many of you know, last weekend the last Coolidge fly-in of the season was held. No more fly-ins until October. I was fortunate enough to attend 3 of them, October, March and April.


Definitely not the best, not many airplanes showed up.


Better than I expected, because the Cactus was held the same day, not too far away, we got some cool planes in Coolidge too. This included a formation flight between Racer 74 and the CAF’s Cessna T-50 Bobcat and the visit of a homebuilt Spitfire (a 1:1 Jurca replica) and an Antonov An-2. Several other planes were also seen at both events.


Pretty good too, nothing as special as the previous month, other than a group of T-34 Mentors...

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Barry M. Goldwater Range Visit 4-10-2012

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On April 10th 2012, PHXSpotters members got a chance to visit the Barry M. Goldwater (BMGR). Back in February we had received our conformation on our tour date. Now it was time to get our members all set up and the member count sent into Ms. Teresa Walker. We all had time to get our cameras and lens all set. We would like to thank  www.LensProtoGo.comfor there outstanding customer service. We were all holding our breath and had our fingers crossed hoping that our tour would not get cancelled. Since tours are based solely on flight schedule. Monday afternoon, I received the news that our tour had been scheduled. We were to report at Range 1 at 1230pm. On the schedule for Tuesday we were going to see the 152nd FS and the 195th FS...

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El Centro Airshow 2012

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Last Saturday, NAF El Centro hosted their 2012 airshow. This was my first ever Naval airshow, and it didn’t disappoint.

The show opened with the Navy Leapfrogs parachuting team, launching out of one of their C-2 Greyhounds, followed by the National Anthem and some civilian performers, including Tim Weber. A different civilian performer was a jet-powered International Transtar 4300, which fired up the afterburners on the runway while one of the Pitts was flying over. Then it was time for the military performers, which included two F/A-18E from the VFA-122 “Flying Eagles”, one of them flying solo, demonstrating the capabilities of the Super Hornet and another one doing a heritage flight with a CAF Bearcat...

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