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Winter Spotting in LAX (Imperial Hill Exclusive)

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PHX Spotter Member Saurabh Patel had a chance to visit LAX and wanted to share his story.

This winter I got a chance to visit the city of Angels for a week for spotting while my family was out on vacation. LAX is one of the busiest airports on the west side with an abundance of international heavy traffic. LAX has a few world famous spotting locations where people from all over the world come to enjoy spotting. The few spots are namely Inn-n-Out Burger on Sepulveda, Imperial Hill just off of Imperial Highway and the bridge over Lincoln blvd on Westchester Parkway. Inn-n-Out Burger and the Lincoln Bridge are mainly summer evening locations for photography on the north complex. Imperial Hill is the location of choice in the winter as the light is good all day from this location...

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PHX Spotters Day 2011

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PHX Spotters day 2011 was a complete success. A couple weeks ago, Josh Akbar who is our Program Coordinator emailed me his thoughts about  having our first Phx Spotters Day event sometime during Memorial Weekend. So we came up with a couple of  ideas with our members and  decided to have it on Sunday, May 29th 2011.  Our first visit was to Sky Harbor International Airport (KPHX). We all decided to meet at the NW corner of T4. In attendance was Jason Bong, Josh Akbar, Felipe Garcia, Kyle Boyd, Ken Cheung, who flew in from Sacramento, CA, and Joe Kates, and member Ron. So after doing some spotting we moved to the SE corner to get some nice lighted arrival and departure shots. After about a hour of we decided to head over to Terminal 3 to catch the Hawaiian Airlines 767-300 (N590HA)...

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Thunder Over The Coconino 2011

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Almost 30 hours after coming back from Valle, several gigabytes and a few beers later. I have the photos ready.

The 2nd airshow in Valle in just over two months, I heard of this one from some guy in a Facebook group and did some research and it turned out it looked like I was going to make it. The reality is that as the show got closer, it started looking not good. First, Flagship Detroit cancelled, unfortunate news, but then I got word that the PB4Y Privateer was going this time (it had engine trouble in June, just as it was getting ready to head up to Valle), then, miserable weather throughout Northern Arizona threatened the show...

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