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What is your Poison?

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I was 8 years old when I first fell in love with Jet Fuel. I remember my first experience sitting in the Captains seat of a TWA 747-100. That is the moment when I fell in love with Commercial Aviation. Please don't misconstrued my passion for commercial aviation.  There is just something about those two Rolls-Royce RB211 engines that produce 32,700 lb pounds of thrust hurdling the Boeing 757-200 down the runway. I have a weakness for the Boeing 757. If there was one word that comes to mind when describing the 757-200 would be "Sleek". Although I believe she looks better with winglets but any B757 will do. Although not all airlines have the B757 in their fleet. That does not mean that I only take photos of B757-200's or -300's. I will basically take any photo that I can get...Read More

Japan Airlines visit Phoenix International Airport

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JAL visits Phoenix Airport 3-22-2012

On March 22nd 2012, Phoenix International Airport had a special visitor arrive at 10am. Japan Airlines (JAL) brought their Boeing 777-300 (JA736J). The airline was chartered for the Seattle Mariners to fly them to the 2012 Open Series Japan. They will be playing against the Oakland A’s. It is a special treat for us at Phoenix when we get to catch a couple photos of a Boeing 777. PHXSpotters members had the coverage all over r the various spotting locations thought out PHX. We had members at T2, T3, T4 and 40th street.  We had a couple members out on the ramp for the 1pm departure. Kyle Boyd caught a great photo of the JAL 777. He was located just west of the airport when he clicked his shutter. They will be returning to PHX on the 30th of March.
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US Airways vs Southwest Airlines special themes

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While Standing in line waiting to clear the TSA security checkpoint. I overhear a little boy talking to his mom about going to see the "Fishy Plane". After clearing the  checkpoint, I started thinking about the difference between US Airways and Southwest Airlines and their Special Themed liveries. Being a employee of US Airways, they will always have a special place in my heart. In  my own personal opinion, I believe Southwest Airlines has the best overall paint schemes on a number of their aircraft. Although most of their paint schemes are State related. Southwest Airlines has several special schemes to commemorate their destinations, anniversary`s and various other events. Southwest also has several that have nose art. Arizona One, California One, Florida One, Illinois One, Lo...Read More

The 64th AS Gets a New Camo Scheme

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This is the first post about Aviation Nation 2011, I really feel like this deserves its own post. One of my surprises at Aviation Nation this year was one of the Aggressors on static display, an F-16 in a white/black/gray arctic camo. I was promptly informed by Joe Kates (Photorecon) that it was a new scheme for the squadron and this was the first plane to be painted like that, having rolled out of the paint shop only 4 days before the show. This camo pattern is already in use in Alaska by the 18th AS, and it has finally made it to Nellis. I was also informed by Billy Ellison, a member of our forum, that the 64th is also getting the blue pattern like the one also used by the 18th AS and the 65th AS, which flies the F-15s and is also based out of Nellis. Read More