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The Life Of A Spotter

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Cathay Pacific-777 Do you ever find yourself getting distracted by the sound of a jet passing overhead while talking to a friend or co-worker?  Do you ever find yourself driving 20 miles out of the way to where you’re going just so you can pass by an airport?  When a friend tells you that they are travelling somewhere, do you ask them what airline and what kind of planes they’re flying on, and what airport they’re connecting through? Do you ever find yourself trying to make out the registration number on an airplane in a movie you’re watching so you can figure out if you have seen it in real life? If you can answer “yes” to more than one of the above questions and many more like them, then chances are you live the life of a plane spotter...Read More

A Night Of Specials

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XE7D_7622_1200_N733UW Last weekend I was in Phoenix with a friend and we stopped at Sky Harbor for a bit. It was only supposed to be a couple of hours but then we got word that the US Airways Steelers logojet was due at 2200, so we stayed longer. Read More

El Centro Photocall 2012

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  Naval Air Facility El Centro provides a great training facility to active and reserve Navy Units. Marines use the base and its surrounding ranges throughout the year as well. The surrounding desert and the climate that comes with it create a perfect location for training aircrews. Since El Centro has no assigned aircraft to their base.  This gives us photographers a variety of aircraft to obtain a photo there were T-45s, EA-6 Prowlers, F/A-18 Super and Legacy Hornets, and there was a Marine Aerial Refueler from the Transport Squadron 352 (VMGR-352) "Raiders"...Read More

PHXSpotters visit Los Angeles (LAX)

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  The spotting trip started like any other trip. An Idea, someone thought it would be a great idea for the group to head out to Los Angles (LAX) for the weekend. That is how this idea turned out to be the best spotters trip I have been involved with. We started a post in our forums and the next thing I knew there were members already announcing that they wanted to go. So let the planning begin; now it’s not the easiest thing to do. So day one, Jason Bong and Peter Van dyke and Jason Knapfel head down on Thursday morning on the first flight out to LAX. This was kind of special me since this was my first trip on a 757-200. I got to sit up front in 6C. I tried to get bumped to first class but that section was full...Read More