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Jason’s First Video attempt

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This was Jason's first attempt of editing a video. I just wanted to make this public and tell him..good job!!Read More

Sad..Sad..Sad!! Honeywell 720 Break Up!!

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I came across this video and it tore my heart out. I had seen this aircraft a few times during my visits to KPHX and I knew it's time was short. A friend of mine who works for Aircraft Recycling Corporation told me that he was on the crew that wrecked her out...Sad Great Site More

Honeywell 720 Take-off from KPHX – Video

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Filmed from the best seat in the house on a Boeing 720... just by the engines. In this clip by they are departing PHX. Videographers Henry Tenby and Anthony Hickey from DVDs visited Honeywell's Boeing 720 flight test operation in Phoenix in early February, 2007. Over 16 hours of SD and HD video footage was shot during the visit, which will be released by DVDs during 2007 as a Honeywell 720 Tribute DVD. High Definition DVDs of this historic aircraft and unique operation will also be released in due course. Honeywell's 720 is scheduled for retirement in late 2007. More

Eva Air T7 arrives at Sky Harbor – Video

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Here is a sample test of an Eva Air 777 touching down at Sky Harbor..this theme doesn't support videos on the front page (as most don't)even thou I selected it to show excerts. You'll just have to click and open post to stream Youtube videos. For this I had to turn off the default image.  I made this Canon Video cam icon to signal the fact that it's a video. Jason...what brand cam do you ?? Read More