Coolidge: A Season In Review

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As many of you know, last weekend the last Coolidge fly-in of the season was held. No more fly-ins until October. I was fortunate enough to attend 3 of them, October, March and April.


Definitely not the best, not many airplanes showed up.


Better than I expected, because the Cactus was held the same day, not too far away, we got some cool planes in Coolidge too. This included a formation flight between Racer 74 and the CAF’s Cessna T-50 Bobcat and the visit of a homebuilt Spitfire (a 1:1 Jurca replica) and an Antonov An-2. Several other planes were also seen at both events.


Pretty good too, nothing as special as the previous month, other than a group of T-34 Mentors. The weather wasn’t the greatest, as it was constantly switching between sunny and cloudy, and to make matters even worse, it was Easter weekend, however, I feel it was still better than the October one.

In retrospective, I wish I could have attended at least another fly-in, however, with the amount of work I had this semester that was just impossible. And last weekend’s fly-in clashed with the school’s graduation. I hope the next season is good enough for me I can attend at least two more.

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