Doce Fire: Days 1 + 2

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I woke up around noon on Tuesday and there were photos of some smoke on my Facebook feed. A small brush fire around Granite or Iron Springs, I thought; the location was right, the size wasn’t. Wednesday night the fire was at over 7000 acres and 0% containment.

As sad and destructive as they might seem, wildfires provide a great opportunity for airtanker aficionados and connoisseurs to gather around the airport perimeter and take photos, it also provides some entertainment for the families who have never seen planes this big at the local airport. Prescott sees only a handful of scheduled flights, and after Horizon pulled out, left Great Lakes and their Beech 1900Ds as the only scheduled passenger planes, and Ameriflight’s daily run with a Metro or a 1900C as the only cargo run.

So on Tuesday I grabbed my equipment and headed to the airport for a few hours to see the planes. Jared happened to be flying the Metro so he was also able to get some photos from the other side, and while photographer logic says that the photos were going to be terribly back lit, the smoke provided an amazing filtering effect. I will add his photos soon.

Wednesday I also went out there, the light was more favorable but Tanker 07 had been sitting on the ground the whole day, leaving only 6 and 40 airborne.

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