El Centro Photocall Feb 2013

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Last Thursday the NAF El Centro held it’s first photocall of the year. PHX Spotters was given five spots. The Sorting Hat was quickly brought out of storage and it indicated that Felipe, Jason, Kyle, Peter Van Dyke and Jared were to go (Unfortunately, the sorting hat doesn’t always consider real life commitments, and Jared was unable to go).

The day started out circa 0730 by the world-famous hay bales, where there was some practice activity, a slow morning, however. Shortly after that, a cloud of dust behind a red SUV announced the arrival of Felipe, who was traveling separate from the group. Then the Blue Angels started their morning practice, buzzed the large crowd and allowed for plenty of pictures. After they landed, the morning fun was over.

Unfortunately, the plans to go trainspotting died at the crossing just as we saw the Union Pacific local speeding away.

The photocall officially started a few hours later. First was to go take photos of the stag birds (lawn ornaments, as some guy explained them), a collection of planes in Blue Angels colors. Then we went to see the real ones, who were about to start their afternoon practice. Unfortunately the weather looked unforgiving, but still allowed for pictures. Once their practice was over, we went over to the runway to see all the planes landing and taking off for the rest of the day.

F-18s, EA-18s, EA-6s and T-45s. And some Ospreys too (turns out, one of them, flown by VMM-163 “Ridge Runners / Evil Eyes”, is the same one I caught in Prescott a few months ago).

Unfortunately the light didn’t improve for most of the day, but we got a break at the end of the day, some sunlight peeked out in between the storm clouds and allowed for some amazing photos. Unfortunately the light died shortly after that.

The photocall ended outside the NEX, where we bought Base / Blue Angels memorabilia. I believe the rest of the team headed to Burgers and Beer for dinner, but for me dinner consisted of a bottle of flavored water and a 4+ hour drive home on some empty highways.


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