End of Coolidge Fly-in Season 2011

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A few weeks ago, when I got a message from Jason telling me about the Coolidge fly-in this Saturday, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go, part of me said yes, part of me said it’s a bit of a long drive (Google said 3 hrs 20) for a morning event. Eventually I decided I was going no matter what and made sure I had Saturday free. I left for Coolidge around 5 AM (30 minutes late!) and thanks to the lack of traffic, made it to Coolidge around 7:45 (after getting slightly lost).
I had a completely different idea of the airport and the fly-in, first of all, the hangar is a massive WWII hangar that’s still mostly original, and there’s no fences. Yes, no fences. After I was there for a bit I realized that everyone was walking around the tarmac, just taking the necessary precautions because it was an active operations area; this includes kids. It took me by surprise, because every airshow I’ve been in the past there’s always kids running around, throwing rocks around, trying to stick their hands in the exhaust of an F-104 that just taxied, etc. People here were careful, kids walked around watching airplanes with care. I was surprised.
After walking around for a bit, Joe Kates arrived, and he proceeded to tell me that we could go all the way in and hang out by the runway, and then I realized that people had already set up folding chairs and everything; no wonder my photos looked nothing like the ones I had seen on the internet of the event. After a while we chatted with some other people, photographers (Jay Beckman included), pilots and many more people.  We were among the last ones to leave too, so we got to watch all the takeoffs.
This trip also gave me a chance to get photos of the International Air Response planes, a bunch of C-130s built in the late 50s and early 60s that were operated by T&G and Hawkins and Powers, three of them are in flying condition, and another three are parked in the airport in fair condition, a seventh plane seems to be  in the process of being broken up (N138FF). Two of those planes still have the markings from the Hawkins and Powers days. There is another plane, a DC-7  that is being restored as a flying museum, it had all the fire fighting equipment removed and will receive a restored Delta Air Lines interior.
The fly-in will continue the first Saturday in October 2011.
Photos and Story provided by: Felipe Garcia

2 comments to End of Coolidge Fly-in Season 2011

  • Rudy Morris  says:

    Jason & Felipe,

    Nice photos…I was also at the Coolidge Sat Breakfast Flyin and enjoyed seeing some neat planes. I’ll send some via email.


  • Felipe Garcia  says:

    Hey Rudy, why don’t you register for the forums and then post them there?

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