Gladiator Fire – Day 4

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img_6685_800   A quick update from yesterday, The current tanker lineup in Prescott Neptune Aviation: 6, 7, 12, 43, 45 Minden: 55 I got word that Tanker 5 was not being used in Mesa and was flown today (yesterday) to Prescott, sometime between 6 and 7 PM. Tanker 45 declared an emergency landing sometime around 6pm after a run, and landed with the #2 engine off and the propeller feathered, was escorted by the FD to the south ramp, and the ops truck did a FOD run on 3R/21L.   Helicopters - 1 Sikorsky Skycrane (Tanker 782) - 1 Chinook 234, Columbia Helicopters C-FHFB (Radio call “Helicopter FHFB”) - 1 Kaman K-Max, details unknown   All helicopters are flying out of the west ramp and presumably filling there. They seem to be carrying water and not retardant.  

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