KBOS – July 26, 2016

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Before departing on a late afternoon flight from the Boston Logan International Airport to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport (and later a drive up to the 2016 EAA Airventure Oshkosh show) I spent a few hours at the gate watching the Logan arrivals and departures during a normally busy three hour window. Many international arrivals from Europe and Canada made their way onto a pair of runways… 33 Left and 27… which isn’t a common combination during the summer, as winds are usually out of the south or east, not the north or northwest.

Saab 340 turboprops are still common in the Northeast, ever since Bar Harbor Airlines and Business Express introduced their early versions in the 1990s. Two Canadian Airlines operate Q-400 turboprops on a regular basis too. Cape Air operates numerous Cessna-402s from Boston too, and has a handful of special-theme aircraft.

Domestic operations carry more passengers during the summer months, and larger aircraft are used with more frequency.

International flights between Boston and Europe increase during the summertime, and new service from the Middle East and Asia has just added to the airport’s increased traffic too. New for me this summer were the Azores Airlines and Air Berlin A-330s, and the SAS B-737 BBJ.


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