Kingman, AZ (KIGM) Aircraft Storage

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Kingman, AZ (KIGM) Aircraft Storage


I had a wonderful opportunity to be able to get inside the fence at the Kingman airport recently (and legally) and was able to walk some of the ramp to admire some old, and some not so old civilian aircraft in storage there.  Much like the better known Marana, AMARG, and Victorville facilities, Kingman is used as a storage location due to the good weather and low humidity.  While not as large as the other storage facilities there are still a good number of aircraft present.

The Kingman airport has long been a storage, surplus, and scrap facility.  The airport was originally built as a World War II USAAF training field and housed the Kingman Aerial Gunnery School starting in 1942.  After the war, Kingman served as a storage, sales, and scrapping center for Army Air Forces aircraft.  It was estimated that approximately 10,000 warbirds were flown to Kingman between 1945 and 1946 for sales and scrapping.  It was also reported that 100 of the 118 B-32 Dominator heavy bombers built were flown there, many straight from the assembly line.  At the time, you could pick up a surplus P-51 for $3,500, a B-17 for $13,500, and a brand spanking new B-32 for $32,500.  After all the aircraft were either sold or scrapped, the airfield was turned over to the county for civilian use in June 1946.

Today the airport serves the surrounding community with limited scheduled airline service, and now serves as a small storage facility for civilian airliners.  Some of the aircraft that are present are Saab 340’s, ERJ-135’s, A300’s, B727’s, MD-80’s, and DC-8’s.  Just like back in 1946, these aircraft will either be scrapped or sold to other companies to be put back in service.

Photos and Story provided by: Jared Romanowicz


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