End of Coolidge Fly-in Season 2011

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A few weeks ago, when I got a message from Jason telling me about the Coolidge fly-in this Saturday, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go, part of me said yes, part of me said it’s a bit of a long drive (Google said 3 hrs 20) for a morning event. Eventually I decided I was going no matter what and made sure I had Saturday free. I left for Coolidge around 5 AM (30 minutes late!) and thanks to the lack of traffic, made it to Coolidge around 7:45 (after getting slightly lost).
I had a completely different idea of the airport and the fly-in, first of all, the hangar is a massive WWII hangar that’s still mostly original, and there’s no fences. Yes, no fences...
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Cactus Starfighter Luke Air Force Base 2010

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Luke Air Force Base is home of the 56th Fighter Wing, the largest fighter wing in the world and the only active duty Air Force F-16 training wing. Luke has 138 aircraft, 24 squadrons, 4 tenant units and more then 6,000 military and civilian personnel.Luke trains all the F-16 crew chiefs and almost all the F-16 pilots for the US Air Force. More then 16,000 F-16 pilots have graduated from Luke since 1994. Since 1941 more the 56,000 pilots have graduated from Luke.

The name of the exercise is Cactus Starfighter. Cactus Starfighter will focus on mission planning and coordination in addition to aerial maneuvers...

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Spotlight Photographer May 2011-Timothy LaBranche

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We here at PHX Spotters would like to announce that, Timothy LaBranche has been nominated for this months Spotlight Photographer.  Tim joined the group in Febuary 2011, and has been a great asset to have. He is always active in the forums and is always willing to help out where he is needed. Tim and his wife just had their first baby last month. Here is a little information about Timothy LaBranche. Tim is currently a manager at JetBlue in Houston.  He was a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force (active and guard) where he worked avionics on A-10’s, F-16’s, and the C-130(A/J). Tim got his degree in Aerospace Science. We here at PHX Spotters is happy to have you on our team Tim. And we look forward to seeing more of your outstanding photos.

Photos provided by Tim LaBranche  All Rights Reserv...

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