Max Moga

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moga Here is a shot dave took a few years back at the Aviation Nation show out at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas, Nevada. Paul 'Max' Moga just finished his routine in the F-22 Raptor and was returning back to the hot zone. This picture came out better than any one could have imagined. You can just make out his face as he checks right.Read More

Maricopa Sherrif’s Av Div

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mcsd Take this down Joe when you start editing post..Read More

Barbie Three

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n5548n Joe and I got an eye full of this classic B-25 H while visiting Falcon Field. She has the hard nose and four .50 cals stuck in her front as well as a 37mm Cannon By late 1944, when the "H" appeared in the field, there were few targets that couldn't be attacked with .50 caliber machine guns, so the cannons were frequently removed. North American produced 1,000 B-25H's.Read More

Luke AFB Airshow

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luke Joe and I caught this Aggressor out at the Thunder in the Desert show last spring. i am really liking this camo schemeRead More