Rookie at Red Flag

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Red Flag is a Advanced Aerial Combat Training excercise hosted at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada. Since 1975, air crew from the United States Air Force and other Us Military branches and US Allies take part in the two week excercise.

I have been involved with Phxspotters for just over a year. And I have covered a couple Aviation events and nothing can compare to what I was about to witness. When I received the conformation phone call from Senior Airman Charles, notifying me that my application has been approved for Red Flag 11-2. It took me a week for this to finally sink into my head that I really am not that good of a photographer. I have always had problems taking pictures of Military Aircraft well unless they are static...

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Photographer Spotlight – Chris Pasley

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We here at Phxspotters are happy to announce our first Spotter Spotlight. We are happy to announce that Chris Pasley has been picked for our first monthly spotter spotlight. Chris Pasley was just a small child when he picked up his first Aviation Book of “Air War in Vietnam” and he could not get enough. He attended his first Air show in 1996 “El Toro”.

Chris uses the Canon XS and a 300mm lens. Chris is cutting image of what a spotter should be. And Chris is always up for some good spotting. We are happy that he is a part of the team. We look forward to many more years of great photography.

You can see more of Chris Pasley Aviation Photography here:
Flickr account –

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Golden Hour at KPHX

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We here at Phxspotters would like to thank Vance Lessard for providing us with some outstanding photos of the Golden Hour here at KPHX. This is just another reason that KPHX is a photogenic Airport. Vance used his new Nikon D300s with Sigma 150-500mm lens.

Photos were provided by Vance Lessard

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