PHX Spotters Day 2011

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PHX Spotters day 2011 was a complete success. A couple weeks ago, Josh Akbar who is our Program Coordinator emailed me his thoughts about  having our first Phx Spotters Day event sometime during Memorial Weekend. So we came up with a couple of  ideas with our members and  decided to have it on Sunday, May 29th 2011.  Our first visit was to Sky Harbor International Airport (KPHX). We all decided to meet at the NW corner of T4. In attendance was Jason Bong, Josh Akbar, Felipe Garcia, Kyle Boyd, Ken Cheung, who flew in from Sacramento, CA, and Joe Kates, and member Ron. So after doing some spotting we moved to the SE corner to get some nice lighted arrival and departure shots. After about a hour of we decided to head over to Terminal 3 to catch the Hawaiian Airlines 767-300 (N590HA). After 3-4 hours out at KPHX we loaded back up and headed out to Deer Valley Airport (KDVT). The observation deck at KDVT is covered and has a sitting area. The operations department installed ATC speakers so we can here departures and arrivals.  So after a hour we decided to go to lunch at In and Out before going to Scottsdale Airport (KSDL). While we were at lunch that when new member Steve Palmer joined us. So after eating the 3*3 (Felipe), we headed to the 3rd location KSDL where we met new member Nathan and enjoyed some awesome GA photo opportunities. Now off to KPHX to catch the British Airways 747 arrival into Phoenix. After catching this Speedbird touch down we headed back up to the Terminal 4 level 8 SE corner to catch the last of the sun on the remaining arrivals and departures. So after a long 12 hour spotting journey around the valley and over 600 shutter clicks, it was well worth it. I was with a group of guys who really make all this worth it. I want to thank everyone for joining us on Sunday for our first PHX Spotters Day 2011.We will be planning more events real soon. Also please take a look at out Forums to see more outstanding Aviation Photography from our members.

Photos and Article provided by: Jason Bong All Rights Reserved

2 comments to PHX Spotters Day 2011

  • Yvonne James  says:

    I was wondering if you knew of a place where I could park for free down by Phoenix Sky Harbor where I could sit and take some pictures of incoming and departing aircraft!! I am a big plane/aviation fan like all of you and would love to start doing more photography!! Thank you so much!!

  • Felipe Garcia  says:

    I don’t think there’s a place where you can park for free. Best locations are the T2, T3 and T4 parking lots; the upper level of T2, the good one for photography, is an economy parking lot, so the max rate per day is like $11, so you can park your car in there and then take the shuttles. Join the forums, there’s plenty of advice in there for Sky Harbor and even other airports.

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