PHX Spotters Day 2011

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Our second annual PHX Spotters day 2011 was a complete success. The staff at PHX Spotters started planning this event about 3 months ago. We decided to plan the event for November 5th, 2011. Even with there being a couple other events in the surrounding areas of Phoenix we decided the day must go one. Invites sent out via Facebook and Twitter. There is no turning back. The day before the event and the weather is not looking to good for our event. The forecast for Saturdays event was an expected high of 69 degrees and sunny. Well the morning of the event, I open the garage and all I see is dark clouds and the smell of new rain is in the air. But like I said the show must go one. There is no way this can be cancelled. We have members flying in for the event. So I head over to Rainbow Donuts and grab a nice 2 dozen donuts and head over to KPHX.

So the meeting location for our event all depended on the Arrivals/Departures of KPHX. We all met at Terminal 4 NW corner. And with this cold front I was unsure on how the attendance would be. The next thing I know we have 14 members already here and starting to take some photos. With the sun trying to break through the clouds, this might turn out good. After about a hour or so, we wanted to catch the Hawaiian Airlines take off. So we headed to 24th St. /Old tower rd for the departure. I got a call saying the Hawaiian was departing from the north runway. By the time we figured where to go, there she goes with gear in motion. So we win some and lose some. So after some time there we decided to go to 40th Street. With the sun shining through the scattered clouds, 40th St. should produce some great photo opportunities. So with the last donut gone we wanted to go back to 24th St. – Old Tower Road and catch the special paint of Alaskan Airlines. So after that we wanted to go get some food at In & Out for lunch.  So we all packed up in our vehicles and headed to Tempe for some food. While eating our members Felipe and Brandon broke out their laptops and started doing some edits while eating.

So after a nice lunch we decided to go park at Terminal 2 to catch the Delta 757-300. Delta was chartered for the St. Luis Rams NFL team. And after some decent photos of arrivals we wanted o grab some photos of the bridge between T3-T4. So we walked back to Terminal 3 and grabbed some photos of inside the terminal. So about 6 hours later we needed a Coffee break. So we all went to Starbucks inside T3 and just hung out. With a couple of our members having to catch some flights back home. We went back to Terminal 4 for a couple night shots and then called it a night. So about 8 hours of spotting and hanging out with fellow photographers, our second Spotters day was a complete success. I want to thank everyone for joining us on our Second annual PHX Spotters day 2011. We will be discussing our next spotters day, and we hope be able to have even more members join. After all said and done there were 20 members in attendance.

Members joining us:

Jason Bong, Josh Akbar, Felipe Garcia, Kyle Boyd, Jeff Hoffman, Joe Kates, Brandon Farris, Ken Chung, Surge Luke, Billy Ellison, Jason Knapfel, Timothy LaBranche, Chris Pasley,  Terry Nash, Chris Nash, Nate Hennessy, Brian Snider, Michael Keating, Saurabh Patel

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