PHX Spotters visit KLAX.

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Last week Jason Bong and Kyle Boyd decided to take a flight to KLAX for a day of spotting.  We decided to catch a flight out of KPHX to spend the day at KLAX.  We caught the first flight out and were in Los Angeles at 0900. We decided to hang out at the In & Out Burger on Sepulveda Boulevard. We were able to walk to our location that we planned out to catch the Quantas 380. This was my first encounter with the AB380. During our visit we were able to catch Korean Air 777 to another Singapore 380. And we could not pass going and getting a awesome burger at In & Out. The funny thing about that is we missed the KLM 747. The spotting trip was a huge success. And we have decided to go again in October. This time we have decided to rent a car. But if your interested in going to the In & Out Burger, its well within walking distance. It took us about 10 minutes to have our cameras out and in focus for that Airbus 380. We had a outstanding time, and with the weather being good to us we were able to get some great photos. We are already lanning our next spotting adventure.

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