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The fourth and final location in our series on Southern Florida spotting isn’t found at the airport itself, rather it is next to it. The multi-story Miami Airport Hilton Hotel is located on Blue Lagoon Drive, which is on the South side of the airport. The guest rooms that face the airport have Open Air Balconies that give you an unbelievable view of the airport and runways.

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During my stay I had the opportunity to enjoy the view from Room 917. You will have an amazing view of arriving and departing traffic on both Runway 9 and 12. You will also have a view of the arriving and departing traffic on Runways 8 Left and Right but slightly too distant for decent photo’s. You will however be able to get some decent shots of departing traffic that makes the turn to head Southbound. You will also have a close view of the F, G, H, and J Concourses. This will give you close views of airlines such as United, Frontier, Eastern, Latam, Copa, Aeroflot, and Eurowings. You will also have a view of the ATSG and Amerijet ramps, with a distant view of the UPS and Fedex Ramps on the opposite side of the airport.

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An average room will run between $150-$200 USD a night but the view and photo opportunities are well worth the price. When Miami is in “Reverse Ops” meaning arrivals and departures are off of Runway 27 and 30 the view is even more spectacular. During my stay this was not the case however as Normal Ops were an everyday occurrence. The Sun Angle is perfect all day long. I recommend a minimum of a 100mm lens to capture the close action and a 400 mm or longer for any activity on the opposite side of the airport. Heat haze like all of the other spots can be troublesome but not as much of an issue with taxing aircraft off Runway 9 and from the H and J Concourses.

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The action does not stop at sundown, this location offers nighttime photography opportunities as well. Be sure you pack your tri-pod and check your camera settings as the nighttime shots are simply amazing. In most cases landing traffic on Runway 9 will have to hold short of arriving traffic on Runway 12. Traffic that pushes off the closest Concourses can easily be photographed as well. This is a rare opportunity to get great night shots, with traffic lasting well into the late evening hours.

This will put a wrap on this Four Part series of spotting opportunities at Fort Lauderdale and Miami International Airports. Both of these airports offer the enthusiast some prime spots to catch all of the action. I highly recommend both airports to the Aviation Enthusiast. Until next time “Blue Skies to all!”


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