Spirit Airlines’ Inaugural Service to Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport

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February 9, 2012 marked Spirit Airlines’ Inaugural Service to Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport.  Spirit Airlines, headquartered in Miramar, FL, launched the $28.79 fare from Phoenix-Mesa to Las Vegas this morning and the event was topped off with a water cannon welcome.  With hundreds in attendance Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport Authority Chairman Mayor John Lewis formally welcomed Spirit Airlines to the Valley.  At approximately 12:40pm the Airbus A319, tail number N534NK, touched down at the former Williams Air Force Base.  Crowds were allowed out on the ramp between the terminal and the Gateway Aviation Services FBO.  Lunch was catered by Paradise Bakery for all guests and Vegas showgirls were available for photo ops.  I had the chance to speak to Casey Denny, Deputy Director at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway, about what bringing in a second airline into the rapidly growing airport exactly meant.
“It’s a huge milestone. It is going to bring close to $25,000 per flight of in-state spending.”
When asked about further expansion and acquisition of other airlines Denny replied
“We talked to everybody. We talked to all the carriers that are there [Sky Harbor], again not to steal one from Sky Harbor but remember we compliment Sky Harbor. We consider ourselves a ‘Low Cost’ airport, so JetBlue, Frontier, Sun Country, those are all candidates that are over there that could put another flight here.”
Along with that are added jobs to the valley which are a warm welcome in a recovering economy. With Spirit Airlines it is now possible to go coast to coast and to South America and the Caribbean on a connecting flight from right out Phoenix Mesa Gateway. In all it was a great day out on the ramp and a great way to welcome a new airline and all the benefits that it brings to the Valley.
Story and Photos provided by: Peter Kolb

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