Spotlight Photographer Saurabh Patel (September 2011)

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I would like to announce that Saurabh Patel has been nominated for the Septembers Spotlight Photographer. Since he has joined the PhxSpotters group he has been a great asset to have when it comes to taking photos. The photos he produces are breathtaking. He is also took on the the task of  building our spotters maps. Please take a second and look at his large portfolio of pictures.  Here is a little introduction about Saurabh Patel.

My name is Saurabh Patel. Have been a PHX resident for over 7 years now. Been spotting for almost 4 years in the valley of the sun. I have crossed the dreaded 30 year mark a couple years back and stopped counting my age every since . I used to live in south Phoenix just a few miles from the airport so I was spotting almost on a weekly basis. I moved to south chandler last year and my spotting activities have declined since my wife frowns upon me driving all the way up the airport . My wife recently gave birth to our first child a baby boy named Ansh. Once he is big enough, I am gonna bring him down to the airport to come see the metal birds which have fascinated me for years.

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