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  This week we have decided to select Terminal 2 as our Spotting location of the week. Description : The T2 parking garage is only 2 levels tall and there is no view to the south side (which is where the gates are located) so the only spotting you can do here is on the north side overlooking the landing zone of rwy08. This is where most aircraft will turn off when they land on rwy26. Shots can be taken all year long from this location (won’t be backlit). UPDATE: Be advised that you are no longer able to park on the top level of T2. They have dedicated parking for Airport/Airline employees. You are still able to park on the lower level. And walk up the flight of stairs, and the cost of parking is $4.00 per hour. For a complete list of Spotting areas around PHX visit Photos provided by: Jason Bong, Josh Akbar, Felipe Garcia, Saurabh Patel THE INFORMATION PROVIDED ON THIS SITE IS INTENDED FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF ASSISTING AVIATION SPOTTERS AND PHOTOGRAPHERS. Thank your for the continued use of this site, we here at assumes no liability nor responsibility for any individual’s actions or conduct. The user acknowledges that aviation enthusiasm can draw attention and/or suspicion from others. All enthusiasts are expected to act in a respectful and open manner during encounters with law enforcement officers, please carry identification card with you at all times.When someone steps out of line EVERYONE is affected.

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