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Frontier Airlines Flight 859 “Stu the Rabbit”

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    get-attachment2   PHXSpotter member Billy Ellison who is a longtime fan of the Airbus A318 had the chance to take a ride on the last ever US airline to operate the A318. On August 5th 2013 Frontier Airlines held its last passenger revenue flight from Denver to Phoenix on "Stu The Rabbit" N803FR. Here is his report While waiting to board flight 859 to Phoenix I had seen some more Airplane geeks waiting to board the flight. I step over to chit chat with them. Like me they were very excited to be on the last Frontier A318 flight. As the flight crew got to the gate area I asked the Captain if he would mind if I took some photos of the crew and cockpit when we landed in Phoenix. I had explained to the flight crew that this will be the last time the Airbus 318 would depart Denver...Read More

Luke Forward Campaign Played Key Role in Bringing New F-35 Mission to Luke Air Force Base

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LUKE FORWARD CAMPAIGN PLAYED KEY ROLE IN BRINGING NEW F-35 MISSION TO LUKE AIR FORCE BASE   Luke Forward article used with permission from the city of Glendale. Contact information pertaining this article can contact: Jerry McCoy/623-640-5745 are proud to supports the Luke Forward program. GLENDALE, Ariz. – After spending nearly three years building regional and statewide community support for the new F-35 mission at Luke Air Force Base, Luke Forward officials are thrilled with today’s announcement from the Department of Defense that the Glendale base will serve as the Air Force’s new F-35 training center. The Air Force’s decision to station 72 F-35s for the training of both U.S...Read More

Gladiator Fire – Day 5

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  The Gladiator Fire has now been burning for 6 days, grown in size, but the firefighters are enthusiastic about the fire moving to an area with less vegetation and where it will be easier to fight. As of 19:20, we had 7, 45 and 55 constantly flying out of PRC. 43 went back to Mesa to support the Sunflower effort. Same 3 helicopters, as well as something that looked like might have been a yellow Bell 212 (PHI maybe). Tanker 12 made an emergency landing mid-afternoon with the #2 engine off, still parked at the south ramp. According to the Phoenix Fire Center twitter, they’re also supporting the Gladiator effort out of Willie.   Read More

Gladiator Fire – Day 4

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img_6685_800   A quick update from yesterday, The current tanker lineup in Prescott Neptune Aviation: 6, 7, 12, 43, 45 Minden: 55 I got word that Tanker 5 was not being used in Mesa and was flown today (yesterday) to Prescott, sometime between 6 and 7 PM. Tanker 45 declared an emergency landing sometime around 6pm after a run, and landed with the #2 engine off and the propeller feathered, was escorted by the FD to the south ramp, and the ops truck did a FOD run on 3R/21L.   Helicopters - 1 Sikorsky Skycrane (Tanker 782) - 1 Chinook 234, Columbia Helicopters C-FHFB (Radio call “Helicopter FHFB”) - 1 Kaman K-Max, details unknown   All helicopters are flying out of the west ramp and presumably filling there. They seem to be carrying water and not retardant...Read More