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Orbis Unveils its New MD-10 Flying Eye Hospital

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Orbis MD-10 on the ramp at LAX

Orbis Unveils its New MD-10 Flying Eye Hospital at LAX

Photos and story by Bob Shane

June 2, 2016 marks the beginning of a new chapter for Orbis in its worldwide fight against blindness. During an LAX press conference, held on board their new MD-10 Flying Eye Hospital (FEH), Orbis International introduced its third generation, state of the art, aircraft to the world. It took six years to build and it provides cutting edge technology over the DC-10 that Orbis operated for the last 22 years. The first generation jet aircraft that started it all in 1982 was a modified DC-8, formerly in service with United Airlines.

The World Health Organization estimates that there are 285 million people around the globe that are visually impaired or blind...

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Santa’s big helpers

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The Christmas Cargo Rush by Saurabh Patel
During the Christmas holiday season, every Christmas, Phoenix get a bunch of Cargo traffic. Part of which is due to the high parcel volume for customers in Phoenix and also Phoenix has one of the biggest warehouses for Amazon. The week leading up to Christmas day is when all the fun starts.
This year the heavy lifters included increased frequency of FedEx/UPS. They also upgraded most flights to the MD11’s. The additional visitors were Evergreen with their Classic 747-200’s and a brand new visitor in National Cargo Airlines who brought their newest 747-400. Most of the Cargo jets ran a route From Louisville -> Phoenix -> Ontario (CA) and back the same way...
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Holiday Traffic KPHX

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Jason had the the chance and get out to KPHX again this week. I was able to talk to one of the Operations Manager of KPHX and they stated ” The holiday traffic doubles in size during the week of Christmas and New Years.” During my tour of Sky Harbor International Airport the Cargo Terminal was loaded with Aircrafts being loaded up and getting ready for departure.

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