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Many colors of Phoenix

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  This photo was provided by PhxSpotters member Bryan Snider. This is a perfect example of the many colors that Phoenix has to offer for photographers. This was taken from Terminal 4 SW corner of the top level.Read More

Spotting location of the week

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We will be doing a weekly spotting location update for all of our members and visitors. This weeks spotting location is 40th Street.  If you take a look on the map, that is provided below 40th St is #3 on the map. This is a great location in the winter when aircraft on the 25/07’s can’t be snapped from the parking garages. You can get great landing/departing action on both runways all day long. When driving on 40th Street you will notice that the road comes to a dead end. We have had members scrap the undercarriage of their vehicles when attempting to drive up the embankment. So please drive up there at your own risk. For members and visitors that want to park and walk to the location. It is only about 150-300 feet from the road...Read More

Night Spotting at KPHX

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After dropping a friend off at Sky Harbor, I decided to take a minute to snap some photos from Terminal 4. Shooting at night is completely different from daytime. With daylight, it’s a lot easier to capture the image you want, with night, a whole new set of challenges arise. With some photos taking up to 30 seconds to capture, everything has to go right in order to make that perfect shot. A steady tripod is a must and a wireless shutter release could also be a big help (I found that out the hard way). Although I didn’t get many usable photos, I definitely enjoyed the new experience and I plan on making more night trips out to Sky Harbor in the near future! Story and Photos by: Kyle BoydRead More

Spotlight Photographer April 2011 – Kyle Boyd

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Its takes great honor to announce that this months Spotlight Photographer is Kyle Boyd. Kyle joined our group just over a month ago, and has been very active within our forums. He is always willing to help out a member when they are unsure of a certain photo being edited. Kyle has been into aviation photography since the day he could drive himself to the airport. Kyles first DSLR Nikon D5000 was bought just over a year ago. Kyle is currently a student pilot out of KDVT (Deer Valley Airport) and hopes to follow in his Uncles footsteps who was a Captain for America West Airlines. We here at PHX Spotters are happy to have Kyle and look forward to seeing many more photos from him. We hope to see great things from this Aviation Photographer in the years to come...Read More