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Winter Spotting in LAX (Imperial Hill Exclusive)

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PHX Spotter Member Saurabh Patel had a chance to visit LAX and wanted to share his story.

This winter I got a chance to visit the city of Angels for a week for spotting while my family was out on vacation. LAX is one of the busiest airports on the west side with an abundance of international heavy traffic. LAX has a few world famous spotting locations where people from all over the world come to enjoy spotting. The few spots are namely Inn-n-Out Burger on Sepulveda, Imperial Hill just off of Imperial Highway and the bridge over Lincoln blvd on Westchester Parkway. Inn-n-Out Burger and the Lincoln Bridge are mainly summer evening locations for photography on the north complex. Imperial Hill is the location of choice in the winter as the light is good all day from this location...

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Spotting Location of the week

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This week we have decided to select Terminal 2 as our Spotting location of the week.

Description :

The T2 parking garage is only 2 levels tall and there is no view to the south side (which is where the gates are located) so the only spotting you can do here is on the north side overlooking the landing zone of rwy08. This is where most aircraft will turn off when they land on rwy26.

Shots can be taken all year long from this location (won’t be backlit).

UPDATE: Be advised that you are no longer able to park on the top level of T2. They have dedicated parking for Airport/Airline employees. You are still able to park on the lower level. And walk up the flight of stairs, and the cost of parking is $4.00 per hour.

For a complete list of Spotting areas around PHX visit http://phxspotters...

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PHX Spotters Day 2011

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Our second annual PHX Spotters day 2011 was a complete success. The staff at PHX Spotters started planning this event about 3 months ago. We decided to plan the event for November 5th, 2011. Even with there being a couple other events in the surrounding areas of Phoenix we decided the day must go one. Invites sent out via Facebook and Twitter. There is no turning back. The day before the event and the weather is not looking to good for our event. The forecast for Saturdays event was an expected high of 69 degrees and sunny. Well the morning of the event, I open the garage and all I see is dark clouds and the smell of new rain is in the air. But like I said the show must go one. There is no way this can be cancelled. We have members flying in for the event...

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