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Pratt and Whitney’s 65th Anniversary Air Show – August, 1990

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The year was 1990, sixty-five years after the Pratt and Whitney company began their work on aircraft engines in East Harford, Connecticut. Frederick Rentschler and six others moved into an empty shop space in 1925, and developed the Wasp radial - an air cooled aircraft engine. This was the first in a long line of radial designs, and the company was just one of the brands that would ultimately merge to become the 1990’s United Technologies Corporation, a major Connecticut employer and world leader in aviation engine and systems manufacturing.

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The airport at the Pratt and Whitney headquarters was named after Frederick Rentschler, and served as its flagship aerodrome for many years – it was dedicated in 1931...Read More

Pratt and Whitney showing off their stuff

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  PHXSpotters member Stephen Furst had a unique opportunity to get some great shots of this Pratt & Whitney 747. One, two, three or four.  These are the number of engines that most people would associate with an airplane.  A good number of people would even be familiar with six engines on the AN-225.  On Wednesday May 2, 2012 a good number of Pratt and Whitney employees, plane spotters and regular people who happened to look to the sky at the right time got to see an unusual sight.  These lucky people got to see a jet aircraft, Pratt & Whitney’s 747SP flying engine test bed, equipped with five jet engines. The fifth engine, Pratt & Whitney’s new Pure Power® PW1200G series, was mounted on a specially designed stub wing...Read More